Tuesday, 3 January 2017

CNC cable chain mod

So I wasn't happy with how the cables on the X axis had no way of being protected from damage.

I had some cable chain leftover from when I did my 3d printer so I decided to design and build a bracket to mount it onto the x axis carriage. I drew up the bracket in TinkerCAD and printed it out on my Prusa i3. It worked great!!

CNC milling machine 1st run

First run of the CNC machine after assembled and connected to laptop.

Monday, 2 January 2017

CNC Milling/Engraving/Routing machine

Finally my first day off work since before Christmas. I got a chance today to assemble and fire up my CNC milling machine kitset.

I ordered this beasty on the 11.11 sale on AliExpress and got it for $198.88US delivered.

CNC 2418 GRBL DIY CNC machine,work area 24x18x4.5cm,3 Axis Pcb Milling cnc Machine Wood router Carving Pvc Mill Engraver

This is the machine I bought

Assembling was pretty straight forward came with really good instructions and everything needed to unbox and build.

I took my time to align and tighten everything properly. Used a steel rule and vernier calipers to measure everything. Wanted to do it once and right.

I'm a bit annoyed it had no limit switches, but I may install them later and upgrade the controller to a CNC shield GRBL controller so I can use limits and z-probe.

Here are a bunch of snaps of the build process. From unboxing to completed and hooked up to my laptop for testing.

Effects Switching system development

I have done some more work on my Effects Switching system that I'm developing. I have taken a whole bunch of things into consideration. I've developed a modular platform that can be added onto as needed.
This way I can develop a new module that hooks into the same BUS and can do different things. I have since learnt that MIDI control is relativity simple (so to speak) on the arduino platform. It's only in design stage at the moment. I still have more simple switching systems that I will build this year to use up current PCBs I have (4-8 channel systems). With my new Modular system I can have some pretty crazy amounts of inputs and outputs.
Inputs switches (stomp or tactile for programming) - 56 Total
Expansion modules - 1000 Total
          Relay Module - 4 x True Bypass Channel (LED on each)
                                   4 x Independent LEDs
                                   Can be used as 4 independent relays for amp switching
          Tails module - 4 x Buffered Tails channels (LED on each)
          4 x Independent LEDs
           ((More modules under development))
MIDI send, receive, through
LCD screen 4 or 2 line dot matrix screen

This is just the bare bones of the switching system. With the use of the modules anything can be controlled.... well that's the plan anyway.