Thursday, 16 February 2017

Drawing a Schematic in EAGLE CAD

I've been designing a new fuzz pedal with parallel paths and 2 different fuzzes. One side is a Meathead the other side is a Torn's Peaker. This is a short clip of me drawing up the schematic in EAGLE CAD. I'll breadboard/vero this up now and test it. Once I'm happy I'll do a PCB and another video of me designing the PCB.

Music - The Accused - She's Back

3d Printer printing Pedal Finger Sockets

This is my Prusa i3 printing out some Pedal Finger Sockets. Used an old Laptop camera mounted on the Z axis of the printer pointed at the print head.

A brief guide into tracing out a PCB to convert to schematic. b3k Clone

I haven't posted on here in a while. This is my little guide to tracing out a PCB.
I ordered a GUMA drive kit from Schalltechnik_04 which is a Darkglass b3k clone and before I assembled it I'd thought I'd give it a go tracing it out to produce a schematic. If you do want to build this pedal I highly recommend buying this kit. It's a very well laid out kit.
First thing I needed to do was get some super fine pointed tips for my multimeter. I ordered these from Aliexpress. The multimeter I have used for this is a APPA 62 and I've just used it on the continuity function.
Fine pointed tips

I took a high quality photo of the PCB on my Sony xperia z3 and printed out a bunch of copies of it to help with the tracing.
High quality photo.
I started to trace out the circuit with my multimeter. I removed the unnecessary parts that I didn't need to trace and blacked them out on my printed photos. The jacks and relay bypass was not needed to be traced. I started in a logical order starting with the power section. As I found connections I would draw them onto 1 printed age and cross out the component on another printed page I would also draw the schematic onto another piece of paper. After doing all the power stages I then went to the input and worked my way through the whole PCB. This whole process took me 20+ hours.

The tedious task of tracing

Darkglass B3K Schematic. Updated 20/2/2017
After I had my completed paper schematic I then drew it up in EAGLE CAD. Any CAD package is fine I'm just familiar with EAGLE.

PCB I have drawn up.
This Schematic is verified. PCBs turned out great. Have since redesigned this layout to fit into a 1590B and also have the ability to make the b3k and vmt.

Update 18/2/2017

Got around to building the kitset I based my trace on. My work it's a good overdrive

Guts shot

Vashta Nerada - The Shadows That Melt The Flesh

Update 20/2/2017
Updated the drawing as I had misplaced a resistor. R22 moved from above diode to between supply and pin 1 on the 4049.

Update 7/3/2018
I have made this effect quite a few times now. Schematic is verified. I've since made a new PCB that fits into a 1590B and can do the b3k and vmt by just swapping a few components out. I'm starting to make my own modifications on the circuit too.