Saturday, 21 April 2018

All my current PCBS

A lot of people message me and ask for project PCBs to build stuff. I am fed up with writing the same messages with the same images so I thought I'd do a post on here with a picture of each board I have and what they are.

Pepers' Pedals - 3PDT Bypass and Utility PCB

3PDT mini Bypass PCB

3PDT Bypass + DC filtering

3PDT Toggle Order Selector
Dual Opamp Buffer (Klone Style. PCB has value errors)

Baby Blender v2.0 (SMD Blend board wet/dry mix. V2.1 coming soon)

Tails Bypass. Add tails to any delay.

Bipolar 15V supply from 9v
Dr Boogie PRT. Dr Boogie with the standard tone tack removed. In place of that is a modified version of the ROG Tone Mender circuit. Can be used to drive a power amp directly

Dr Boogie. This Dr Boogie PCB can do 3 x variants of the circuit. Standard, GM tuned and LWA Black Mesa

Kinetosis. A modded EQD Sea Machine

HM-Too Many Clones. My HM-2 PCB. Over 200 of these have sold on my DirtyPCBs store. Very good sounding HM-2 clone

Superior Octave Fuzz. Tricked out Super Fuzz. Has so much more to offer than a regular super fuzz

Sassy Drive. OCDv3 PCB that goes into my Sassy Drive build

Dirty old TS9/TS808 board. 

EQD Ghost Echo Clone. 

4049 Bass Drive PCB. B3K clone

The ROG Tone Mender Circuit. So good.

BE-OD Board

Maximum Overdrive board. Not using these anymore have a few left.

ONE to TWO to ONE. Split and blend. Parallel circuits

Love Squeeze Compressor

SMD RAD. Ditched the through hole and decided to make the RAD as SMD

Grunt Machine. Super high gain amp emulator. Can drive a power amp directly

GE/SI hybrid Fuzz. Uses old Russian NPN GEs

Delays Ahead!! Digital delay analog (ish) voicing

Digispark prototyping board

VMT/B3K boards for 1590B

Modulation Module

Acapulco Gold

Range Master. NPN Darlington GEs

AB+ Micro Controlled AB box

The Mighty RDM. Russian Doom Machine.