Tuesday, 21 November 2017

Builds #379 - #408 Russian Doom Machines (RDMs)

I have been pretty busy lately. Far too buys to write blog post. I hit pedal number 400 in my last lot of RDMs. These green machines are becoming quite popular. This is my take on the classic Big Muff Green Russian. I have added a few little mods in the form of a diode clipping toggle switch and a mids scoop, flat, boost switch. Also I'm using higher gain transistors in the input buffer amplifier and the output recovery stage after the tone stack. Gives it that extra little bit of doom!

Anyway. Here is a bunch of pictures of me building 30 of them.
40 x RDM PCBS ready to fill with components
The 100NF caps used in RDMs. I recently used this image for a competition to win a RAD. It was a guess how many thing. 234 was the right answer.
40 x RDM PCBS parted out and ready to go into boxes
30 x 1590BB enclosures ready to be drilled
Cider and drilling

30 x drilled enclosures. About 1.5 hours work. I have a drilling template that makes a huge difference in speed.

More cider and off to the powder coat station.

Out Gassing in my custom modded oven

Powder fully cured on the first one

Two Down
Applying Decals

That's a lot of decals. This took about 2 hours

All graphics on and powder coated clear for durability
Ready to start assembling
Hardware all mounted ready to drop boards in and solder up
Gut shots of the RDMs all ready to be tested
Another angle of the guts
The platoon of DOOM
Doom as far as the eye can see

Working vs not quite working. Sorting out the problem children

Putting the backs on
Dated and numbered

Putting the backs on with a little help from a minion. 2 years old and can already do righty tighty.

Heading to the for sale shelf. A big box of doom

BUY ME!!!!

Edit 22/11/2017

I have some of these left and they are available to purchase. They are $96.66USD + Shipping from New Zealand.

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